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TOYOTA HEADLIGHT 100s in stock (^0^)/

TOYOTA HEADLIGHT 100s in stock (^0^)/

The listed buynow price is for a base model toyota head light. prices vary for all models so IT IS IMPORTANT for you the buyer to advise the lens number off your light & side you need to enable us to quote you the correct price & availability

1) The Make & Model of your car.
2) The year or EVEN better the chassis code also
3) The lens number off the light ... we need this!
(This is normally stamped/engraved into the front lens of the light, if one side is broken the opposite side is ok, if you’re not sure what that is just give all the numbers you see and can find on the light )
4)The side that you want R/hand driver side or L/hand passengers side

We will get back to you with availability & price

We are the direct importers of Japanese car parts, our stock moves fast so before bidding to ensure we can supply you with the light you need, please ask for availability of side (left/right)

Photo may not be of exact light as we have hundreds of head lights, tail lights & corner lights for all different makes & models of Japanese cars in stock.

Product Code: 43

Price: NZ$34.50